HISP Malawi

HISP Malawi

HISPMalawi is a Malawian not for profit NGO specialising in designing and implementing solutions in health informatics for the public health sector in Malawi since 2007. HISP Malawi is committed to systems strengthening and building technical capacity, providing technical support and undertaking research in the area of (DHIS2, OpenSRP eRegister, OpenMRS) development, deployment, operationalisation and maintenance, especially to the health and more and more in education sector.

HISP Malawi is aimed at building technical capacity, providing technical support to stakeholders, and undertaking research in the health sector in their quest to use ICT to strengthen Malawi’s health information system.

HISP Malawi continuously develops local capacity in the fields of free and open source software, mobile technologies, system standards and interoperability as they relate to their application in health and education sector.

Free and open source solutions Our flagship products include DHIS2 and e-Registers, both open source software platforms being evolved by a global community based on the principles of global public goods.

HISP is a global network. HISPMalawi is a node that leverages upon the global expertise.

We work within an action research framework that combines research, education and practical systems development. This is aimed at solving real life problems relating to health information systems, and simultaneously contribute to building sustainable capacity in Malawi.