Our Mission

The core focus of HISP Malawi is to support the Government of Malawi, through the Ministry of Health and Population, with the strengthening of health information systems. HISP started with DHIS 2 as the main output, working with Government. DHIS 2 is developed and implemented through a network of partners (the HISP network), including universities, ministries of health, international agencies. However HISP plans to extend its operations into patient level systems at facility and community levels. The various members of the network play different roles, ranging from developing human capacity at different levels, managing software development, coordinating educational linkages and helping create strong information cultures within national health services. The strategic focus of HISP Malawi is on information systems to support the "Continuum of Care" starting from the community to the national levels.


To strengthen public health information systems through application and use of sustainable and scalable free and open source solutions


The goal of the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) Malawi is to enable and strengthen use of open source health systems in a sustainable way to improve the management and delivery of health in Malawi


We are innovative and impactful

We provide quality services

We are independent and impartial

We value our culture of unity, trust and respect

We value good governance

We respect local capacity and expectations

We invest in people and build sustainable capacity

We are responsible stewards of our resources: human, environmental and financial